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About Dr. Robinson

Dr. Dawn A. Robinson’s Bio

Experience: Private Practice since 1994
Education: Life University, Marietta, GA, Doctor of Chiropractic, Southern Ct State University, New Haven, CT, B.S., University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT, M.S.
Professional Associations: (Diplomate – the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, D.A.B.C.N., Georgia Chiropractic Association, American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board

Dawn A. Robinson, B.S., M.S., D.C., N.D., D.A.B.C.N.

The driving force behind Dr. Robinson’s career in healthcare began at the young age of 9, when she was injured in a car accident with her mother. A chiropractor, offering an alternative to surgery, helped her Mom overcome spine and nerve injury and educated her on maintaining her health. The positive experience changed Dr. Robinson’s life forever.

Prior to her chiropractic education, Dr. Robinson obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology (B.S.). After graduating from Life University, Dr. Robinson started her own practice in Riverdale, GA in 1994. Her goal was to create an energizing, healing environment and incorporate the latest alternative healing methods.

It was then that she was compelled to continue her education and obtained a Master of Science Degree in Human Nutrition (M.S.). Since that time, the practice has catered to all individuals seeking optimal health and wellness although families and children are a main focus. Dr. Robinson has since completed hundreds of hours in postgraduate training and study in the areas of Chiropractic, Holistic Health, Nutrition and Health/Life Coaching. Check out some of the services we offer here.

Dr. Robinson has become one of the leading health and wellness advocates and educators in the Atlanta area. Her belief that the strength of a community depends on the health of its residents spurs her contribution of countless hours to the education and promotion of health and wellness. Through Neu Life Chiropractic’s Community Outreach Program, hundreds of area residents are educated annually on the healing power of the body and the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices.

Dr. Robinson is a native of New Haven, CT and appreciates the friendly southern hospitality and small-town environment that South Atlanta offers its residents. The similarities between Fayetteville and Dr. Robinson’s hometown reinforce her commitment to positively impact the health of the community through her desire to fill the role of the small-town “family doctor”.
Specializing in holistic health care she has helped many individuals and families reclaim their health and live better, healthier lives.