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Services Offered

Services Offered at Neu Life

Not sure if any of these services can help you? Why not schedule a free consultation with Dr. Robinson to discuss your current health condition and possible solutions for optimal health improvement?

Allergy Desensitization (NAET)
B.E.S.T. Technique
Blood Chemistry Analysis
Chiropractic Adjustments
Cold Laser Therapy
Color Therapy
Comprehensive Symptom Analysis
Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA)
Hair Analysis
Health Coaching
Holistic Detoxification
Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)
Nutritional Counseling/Diet Analysis
Orthotics for the Feet
Cold therapy
Moist heat
Electrical muscle stimulation
Therapeutic Ultrasound
Intersegmental Traction
Salivary Hormone Testing
Total Body Modification (TBM)
Wellness workshops offered monthly

We can also offer you Holistic Health Care no matter where you live via phone, internet or snail mail.