Low back pain? Your feet may be to blame.
Hip pain? Your feet may be to blame.
Knee pain? Guess what? Your feet could be to blame!

Maybe you are flat foot or notice that you have uneven heel wear on your shoes. You may not even have any symptoms at all.

In “No Surgery: Fresh Cures for Common Foot Pain” by The Wall Street Journal Health’s Angela Chen, the writer speaks with experts who say that most foot problems—from bunions to plantar fasciitis to hammertoes to ball-of-foot pain—can be treated successfully without surgery. “Some treatments, such as insoles that redistribute the pressure on the foot . . . aim to address the cause of the foot problems, which can help them from recurring,” writes Chen.

Your feet have been carrying you since you first stood up to walk. That’s a long time! When you walk, all of your body’s weight rests on 1 foot at a time. This has been the case every day of your life since then. It’s time we take care of these feet!

We can provide you with a 3D body view image scan of your feet. If you are found to need foot orthotics we can offer you custom-made orthotics to help you by properly supporting and positioning the feet.